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Pre Participation Physicals

So today we’re at the University of San Diego where we are doing pre participation physicals for our returning athletes, our new athletes, and athletes who have been injured and have been doing  rehabilitation back in their home, now we are here to see how they are doing, we’re also seeing athletes that I have done surgery on that need a release back to their sports.

Were going to see a young lady with scoliosis who’s had previous surgery, now with back pain and leg pain, all consistent with sciatica.

We’re going to see one of our baseball players who was injured with a knee  injury, and an interesting find which was on his opposite knee, I found that he had an undetected PCL injury.

We were able to see some athletes that had bad ankle injuries that are going to require rehabilitation and were also going to see some athletes that require x ray and MRI studies

It’s a busy part of our year, fall sports are starting. We do about 60-70 physicals today. We bring in several other doctors. Internal medicine specialist, family practice to assist in listening to the kids heart and lungs for the participation physicals and all the orthopedic injuries that we have over the summer time moving forward into the fall sports season.

When we do these physicals were trying to protect the kids from worse injuries. These pre participation physicals are very important, because these kids have been injured they need to be rehabilitated before they get back into their sport.

It’s a great service for Murphy sports medicine to provide. I’ve been doing this for the university of San Diego for over 17 years and it’s very rewarding for me and I think very rewarding for the  student athlete.

Watch the video here!!

Dr. Paul C. Murphy MD Sports Medicine Physician

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