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Helping athletes prepare for the NFL Combine

Here at Murphy Sports Medicine Center, we pride ourselves on working with patients from all walks of life. From the weekend warrior hoping to capitalize on the beautiful San Diego weather, to the top tier athlete who is driven to become the best, our office looks forward to helping you along the way! We understand that whenever an injury stands in the way of you and your passion it can be a bit nerve wracking.  As such, we are excited to announce the beginning of our new blog! A series of short stories that we hope will help you to better understand your injury, our team, and the enthusiasm we bring to our practice.

To start, a little bit about the man leading the charge. Over the last 31 years, Dr. Paul C Murphy established himself as a Naval surgeon, worked as the San Diego Charger’s head physician for 7 years, helped countless motocross legends return to the track, and is the current physician for both the University of San Diego (PFL Champions, Go Toreros!) and Cathedral High School (State Champions, Go Dons!). With such a unique sports medicine background, Dr. Murphy understands just how important proper care and rehabilitation are to your future success.

Last week, our team was invited to Exos Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center to help college athletes prepare for the NFL Combine—what an experience! Exos is one of the premier NFL Combine sites in America, having had multiple #1 draft picks come through their rehab center and working with schools such as Michigan, Stanford, Mississippi, Utah, and Ohio State.  The athletes we worked with were amongst the most reputable NCAA grads and will be picked in the early rounds of this year’s draft.  While there we conducted 20+ full orthopedic evaluations and prepared an array of patient specific treatment plans including cortisone, PRP, and amnio cell injections.  We coordinated MRIs with our premier imaging center and will continue to work closely with Exos therapists to organize individual training programs. We will continue to work with these athletes in the coming month to ensure they’re in peak condition for the Combine!

When you step foot in our office, we want you to know that our team is committed to providing you the same standard of care we provide to our elite athletes. Whether you’re planning on leaving your mark at the NFL Combine, or trying to improve your weekend golf game, we look forward to working with you.   We are here to help you understand your injury and show you the multitude of minimally invasive treatment options that exist, working with you through every step of the recovery process.

Coming up next week, we will talk more about the NFL combine and how these athletes prepare for it. We will discuss not only how we prepare these athletes for the rigors of the 40-yard dash, but also the multiple examinations athletes will receive from the 50-60 team doctors conducting x-rays, MRIs, and nerve conduction studies.

Dr. Paul C. Murphy MD Sports Medicine Physician

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