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Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner


Developed by doctors and physicists at the University of Utah

Originally developed to measure carotenoids in the eye for eye health diagnosis

The scanner is the world’s first and only tool that measures carotenoid antioxidant levels non-invasively in living human tissue

Pharmanex, a subsidiary of Nuskin, purchased the technology approximately 15 years ago and has invested over $100 million in the development of the present day Biophotonic scanner.  

Technology based on an optical method known as Resonance Raman Spectroscopy which has been used for many years in research laboratories

How It  Works:

The scanner produces a narrow beam of light in which all the photons are the same color – blue. This blue light has a wavelength of 473 nanometers.

When a 473 nm photon of light comes into contact with a carotenoid, the photon begins to vibrate and becomes a 510 nm photon and turns green. The only molecule that can cause a 473 nm photon to shift to a 510 nm photon is a carotenoid.

Because the number of green photons reflected back to the scanner is directly proportional to the concentration of carotenoids in the skin, they are counted to create an accurate Scanner Carotenoid Score (SCS).

The SCS is more accurate than blood serum test because carotenoid levels measured in the blood can change rapidly if one ingests foods high in carotenoids, while the outer layer of skin stratum scan is reading levels derived from consumption many weeks prior.

Individual genetic differences can slightly influence the rate of antioxidant absorption and therefore your personal Skin Carotenoid Score.

Low score: 0-27,000

Low consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Irregular or no supplementation OR poor absorption of current supplement regimen.

High BMI 28 or higher

High Stress

High sun or pollution exposure

Smoker or exposure to secondhand smoke

Middle score: 28,000-50,000

Moderate consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Regular supplementation

Medium BMI 24-27

Moderate Stress

Moderate sun or pollution exposure

High score: 50,000 +

High consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Optimal supplementation

High BMI 28 or higher

Low Stress

Low sun or pollution exposure

Pharmanex  Products

All Pharmanex products adhere to a very strict 6S Quality Process. It is this 6S process that separates Pharmanex from all others in the industry.

Lifepak Nano Product

Provides your body with a comprehensive antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral blend with phytonutrients essential for optimal health. Fat-soluble nutrients like carotenoids and CoQ10  tend to bunch together in the intestine, making them difficult to absorb. To enhance absorbability, individual molecules are separated using nano-encapsulation. This process prevents molecules from clinging together so they are more available for easy absorption.

CR-6 Liponutrients are separated in packaging: Omega-3s, vitamins, and carotenoids protect and nourish cells.

200,000 published studies on the antioxidants in Nano formula.

800,000 published studies on Nano’s comprehensive list of 60-plus ingredients.

Lifepak Product

A comprehensive dietary supplement with important antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and phytonutrients to support anti-aging benefits. Each sachet contains 1 vitamin capsule, 1 phytonutrient capsule, and 2 mineral capsules. Lifepak improves the foundation of your daily health by supplying the body with more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals for optimal health and energy.


A nutrient-rich juice from the prized gac fruit of Southern Asia that offers nutritional benefits scientifically demonstrated to protect cells. Among gac’s potent phytonutrients is a unique form of carotenoids called lipocarotenes™ that provide powerful antioxidant protection and support healthy immune function. Blended with three additional superfruits – Chinese lyceum, Siberian pineapple and cili fruit – that synergistically provide exponential benefits.

Ageloc YOUTH Product

An advanced anti-aging supplement that supports critical aging defense mechanisms (ADMs) such as helping balance healthy systemic cellular responses. It resets the gene expression of 1,000 of your body’s 5,000 genes back to a youthful pattern.

Lifepak Nano, Lifepak, Ageloc YOUTH, and G3 products are all SCS Certified – Guaranteed to raise your antioxidant status or you will receive a full refund. (Certain restrictions apply such as ADR program enrollment and minimum trial period.)


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