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ACL Reconstruction Specialist

Paul C. Murphy, MD -  - Sports Medicine Specialist

Murphy SportsMedicine Center

Paul C. Murphy, MD

Sports Medicine Specialist & Orthopedic Surgeon located in La Jolla, San Diego, CA

Dr. Murphy has extensive experience performing ACL reconstruction in his patients from La Jolla, CA, and the surrounding area, using state-of-the-art techniques so patients can experience optimal outcomes following surgery.

ACL Reconstruction Q&A

What is the ACL?

ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament, which it's a major ligament located in the knee, responsible for stability and normal range of motion.

How is the ACL injured?

The ACL is usually injured through twisting motions such as rapidly changing directions or sudden stops and starts. It can also be injured by a fall or other direct contact. Severe ACL injuries like complete tears must be treated surgically.

What are the symptoms of an ACL injury?

The most common symptoms are pain and swelling in the knee, decreased range of motion, and instability when attempting to use the knee – that is, a feeling as though the knee is going to “give way.”

What happens in ACL reconstruction?

ACL reconstruction may be performed using minimally-invasive techniques involving either several small incisions or one larger incision. The approach will depend on your injury, your health, and other factors. During the procedure, a ligament graft will be taken from elsewhere in your leg and your damaged ACL will be completely removed and replaced with the new graft. Once the graft is attached to your thigh bone (femur) and your shin bone (tibia), the function of the knee will be assessed and the incision sites will be closed.

Will I need physical therapy?

Yes; the ACL is a major ligament and therapy will play a major role in your recovery. Therapy following ACL reconstruction focuses on helping the knee regain range of motion, mobility, flexibility, and stability so you can move normally and without pain. If you're an athlete, sports therapy will focus on helping you return to your previous level of performance as quickly as possible. Physical therapy will begin soon after your surgery with passive exercises and will progress over several weeks to help you achieve optimal recovery and function.

Major Insurance Providers Accepted

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